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C of E Primary School

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Church Cowley St James
C of E Primary School

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Staff at CCSJ

There are approximately 75 members of Staff at CCSJ.

Head teacher:

Mr Steve Dew (Designated Safeguarding Leader)

Assistant Head Teachers:

Mrs Dew (Inclusion Leader)

Mrs Endean (Monitoring and Assessment Leader)

Nursery: Mrs Stratford (Class Teacher); Mrs Georgescu (Early Years Support Worker); Miss Barros (Early Years Support Worker)

Foundation: Miss Ha (Class Teacher); Mrs Simmons (Class Teacher); Miss Ponty (Nursery Nurse); Mrs Dickerson (Nursery Nurse); Mrs Sheerin (Teaching Assistant), Miss Gill (Early Years Support Worker).

Year 1: Miss Lowe (Class Teacher); Mrs Pledge (Teaching Assistant); Miss Hitchings (Class Teacher); Mrs Souch (Teaching Assistant)

Year 2: Miss Maunders (Class Teacher); Mrs Smith (Teaching Assistant); Mrs Richards (Class Teacher & SCITT Leader); Miss Rafiq (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3: Mrs Tebbit-Scales (Class Teacher ); Miss Amico (Teaching Assistant); Mr Peacock (Class Teacher) ; Mrs Kerry (Higher Level Teaching Assistant);

Year 4: Mr Whiting (Class Teacher); Miss Nasir (Teaching Assistant); Mrs Brown (Class Teacher); Mrs Hussain (Teaching Assistant)

Year 5:  Miss Burridge (Class Teacher); Mrs Pearman (Higher Level Teaching Assistant); Miss Thompson (Class Teacher); Mrs Kay (Teaching Assistant)

Year 6: Miss Newton (Class Teacher); Miss Casey (Associate Teacher); Miss Wilkie (Class Teacher& Phase Leader);  Miss Makiln-Carr (Teaching Assistant).

Other teaching staff: Miss Morgan (Teacher); Miss Lubec (Librarian); Ms McGahey (Speech and Language Teaching Assistant); Peripatetic Teaching staff for Ukulele, Swimming, Guitar.

Inclusion team: Mrs Priscott (Home School Link Worker), Miss Stroud (Home School Link Worker).

Office Staff: Mrs Lenton (School Business Manager), Mrs Stokes, Mrs Collier, Miss Giles, Mrs Richardson.

Site Staff: Mr Andrews (Site Manager); Mrs Merkaj (Cleaner in charge); Miss Hinton (Cleaner); Mrs Hennessy (Forest School Leader & Head Groundsperson)

Breakfast Club: Mrs Jones (Play Leader), Mrs Whitty, Mrs Buckland.

After-School Club: Mrs Pledge (Play Leader), Mrs Suraj.

Mid-day supervisors: Mrs Jones (Senior Dinner Supervisor), Mrs Suraj, Mrs Perveen, Mrs Qureshi, Mrs Buckland, Mrs Khera

Sports Coach: Mr Potts

Dance Teachers: Jenai from Step 2 Dance

Sports Associate from TOA: (2 days per week).





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