Church Cowley St James
C of E Primary School

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Church Cowley St James logo

Church Cowley St James
C of E Primary School

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Attendance at school is paramount if your child is to progress and attain alongside their peers.  We take attendance at school seriously and aim to have a total school attendance of 96%.

Attendance has been steadily climbing at school with a mix of support for those families that struggle to either arrive on time or maintain an attendance of better than 90% to reward for those children who are consistently attending school (99 – 100%).  In Summer term 2016 we took 140 children to the cinema for the morning because their attendance was 100% for the term.  In Autumn term 2016 we will take 49 children to ‘Bounce’ trampolining centre in Swindon as they all had 100% attendance over the year.

Attendance for the academic year 2015/2016 is 96.0%

Please inform the school office before 9:30am on every day that your child is absent from school due to illness.

Please telephone the school office on 01865 778484.

For more information, please see Oxfordshire County Council’s: A Parent’s Guide to Managing Sickness Absence from School.


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