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School Policies

Our school policies are agreed at governing body meetings.

There are some statutory policies that all schools need to publish and they can be found below.

(updated termly)

Allegations Against Other Pupils Nov 19

Allegations of Abuse Made Against Staff July 2019

Accessibility Plan

Accident Incident Policy Feb 2018

Anti Bullying Policy

Anti Extremism Policy Feb 2018

Appraisal Policy for Teachers

Asthma Policy Oct 2017

Attendance Policy

Behaviour and Relationships Policy Nov 19

Professional Capability policy July 2019

Car Park Management Plan


Cleaning Maintenance policy 2018

Code of Conduct policy July 2019

Complaints Policy Nov 2020

Charging and Refund policy July 2019

Data Protection Policy July 2017

Dignity at Work May 15

Disciplinary Procedure July 2019

Public Sector Equality Duty Statement Nov 19

Equality of Opportunity for Learners Policy Nov 19

Financial Procedures Policy Oct 2018

First Aid Policy Nov 19

Freedom of Information Requests May 2017

Governors Allowance Poly July 2019

Governor Visits Policy July 2017

GDPR Data Protection Policy Nov 19

GDPR Privacy Notice for Parent Carers of Pupils 2018

GDPR Staff Privacy Notice May 2018

Resolving Grievances Nov 19

Health and Safety Policy Nov 19

Inclusive Education of Looked After Children Nov 19

Supporting Children with Medical Needs Policy Nov 19

Missing Children Guidance Policy Nov 19

Mobile Phone Camera Policy Nov 19

Nursery Admission Policy 2018

Personal Care Guidance Mar 17

Personal Care Policy April 2017

Positive Handling Policy Apr 19

Premises Management Policy

Property Write-off Policy

PSHE Personal Social and Health Education Policy Nov 19

Public Sector Equality Duty Statement Nov 19

Refund Policy Feb 2018

Responding to Assaults on Education Employees Oct 2018

Safeguarding Update – COVID-19

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy Oct 2018

School Visitors Policy Oct 2017

Security Policy Oct 2017

Special Educational Needs Policy

Sex and Relationships Education Policy Nov 19

StressatWork May 15

Teachers Pay Policy Nov 19

Travel Plan

Car Park Management Plan.doc

Whistleblowing Policy Nov 19

Write Off Policy Feb 2018

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