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To keep in touch with us on all things CCSJ News please down load the Church Cowley St James Primary school App from the App store or Android Store.

We will send notifications straight to your laptop or mobile device on an almost daily basis.  You can also pick up all of the information you need, including: Start and finish times, clubs, school meals, events and a whole lot more – We link all of our newsletters to the APP too!

We produce a 6 weekly newsletter from your child’s teacher to the ‘Year Group’ pages on this site.  We also produce a curriculum newsletter to let you know all about your child’s Curricula and Learning.

You can follow the class news on the class Blogs that each class post weekly.  Click ‘Year Groups’ click on your child’s year group and then on the ‘Blog’ button to find out what has been going on.

We will email you any newsletters – Please leave your name and your email in reception.

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