Church Cowley St James
C of E Primary School

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Church Cowley St James logo

Church Cowley St James
C of E Primary School

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I am interested in improving a child’s experience of school.  I want the school to feel and be inclusive, and I want the school and Governing body to do the best for all its children and staff.  I am particularly interested in helping children with special education needs reach their potential, improving wellbeing, improving the communication between school and parents and bringing more cultural experiences to the school.
Samantha Adams (Parent Governor)
 I am from London and moved to Oxford 16 years ago. Having met my husband in Oxford both our son and daughter attend CCSJ. I have a background in Human Resources with over 10 years’ experience and completed my CIPD Level 5 certificate in Human Resources Management back in 2018. I have worked for various departments within the University of Oxford and currently work for one of the Oxford Colleges. As a governor I am interested in the strategy of the school and how this will enhance and influence the children’s education.
Laura Hutton (Parent Governor)
I am originally from the North. I moved to Oxford 12 years ago after meeting my husband. I have two daughters and a son who attend CCSJ.   I have a deep interest in many aspects of education, my degree was in Early Childhood Studies. I also coach Athletics to primary aged children.  As a governor, I am particularly interested in every child in CCSJ having all of their needs met, being happy and reaching their full potential.


The Resources Committee meets to consider the school’s finances and budget plans. The committee reports its findings and recommendations to the Full Governing Body.

The Performance and Assessment Committee meets to understand and challenge the school over its data.  The committee reports its findings and recommendations to the Full Governing Body.

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Governor Meetings and Governance


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Full Governing Body Minutes 2020

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Notices of interest 

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