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Assessment (mini-site)

Assessment @ CCSJ

In 2016 we began to develop our own way of assessing learning and progress.  We re-wrote ‘assessment’ our own way – we’re proud of our results – It’s taken time to quality assure what we’ve done against National Standards and moderate against/with local schools*.  Please click on the links below to find out what we’ve done and why we think its the future for our learners.

IMG_0477Rationale for CCSJ Assessment

Principles of Assessment at CCSJ

Please read the information in the report below to understand how we support your child with our bespoke ‘continuums’ and how you can help  support your child at home.  Alternatively, please come along to one of our termly parents Assessment sessions for a 45min Q & A with Mrs Endean.

Here is an example of our continuums we use to assess, plan for children learning and scaffold learning.

CCSJ Maths and Writing Continuums 2016/7

CCSJ Reading Continuums 2016/7

In addition, our expected rates of Progress and Attainment Cards show how we use the descriptive information to set targets for your child’s future Attainment and Progress.

CCSJ Progress and Attainment Measures

Reporting to Parents:

Here is a copy of the Parent meeting Power Point based on our Assessment Continuums:

Parent’s Meeting PPT

For more detail here is the PP for the Governor meetings:

Governors Meeting PPT

We love that you child is fully engaged in our Assessment procedures; in Y5 and 6 your child is responsible for feeding back to you about their attainment, progress along side the things they have enjoyed and the things that they want to improve.  In this way way we feel that they and you are truly partners in their learning at CCSJ.

Here is an example of the PowerPoint your child will use to report to you. (the leaves on the tree hyperlink to each child page and the CCSJ cloud will get you back to the home page).

Y5 & Y6 Learning Review Meetings

Here is the PowerPoint that Mrs Endean demonstrated at the recent Y6 SATs evening.

Y6 SATs Parent Meeting 2017

Y6 parents get a letter termly that reports your children’s SATs mock tests like this.

CCSJ – Y6 SATs Parent Results Reporting

*Since Jan 2016 we have lead a Moderation group of 9 local schools for Teacher Assessment in KS1 and KS2. The sessions run 3 times a year and are open to any teacher in any school.  At the end of each session we create a book of work from all schools that ‘showcases’ agreed expected standards. 


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