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We are very proud of how well the children are doing in school, particularly how, in May 2017 we completely overhauledĀ the poorer results in 2016.

We are now one of the highest performing schools in Oxfordshire for disadvantaged children.

Click here to see our most recent SATs Results.

CCSJ KS2 SATS 2017 Results

Compare our Performance against other schools

Click on this link to see why we are one of the highest performing schools in Oxford City and in the top 20% for the Local Authority and the top 5% for our attainment and progress measures for disadvantaged children in the Oxfordshire. Compare this school

Here are the results from the rest of the school inc: Phonics, KS1 and EYFS.

CCSJ Data End of Year – 2017

Please click on our ‘Development’ mini-site to look at our plans in Y6 for repeating this set of superb results in 2017-18.

Here is a link to our last data dashboard.

2017 OFSTED School Data Dashboard

Here is the school’s position statement from the Local Authority.

LA School Position statement 2017-18

We overhauled our assessment in 2015/2016, a BESPOKE way of looking at your child’s learning in a way that both you and your child can understand, use as supportive measure to make progress and maximise their learning.

Click here to access our Assessment mini-site and see how we assess your child; the principles behind what we do and why we do it and how that should help you in the future to understand what your child can do and what they’ll need to do next to progress.

Assessment (mini-site)


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