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‘Our aspiration is to enable all children to develop their capacities as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society.’


Curriculum Statement 2017-18 – Click here

Phonics Long Term Plan

How we teach Reading at Church Cowley

Why we think our curriculum is Smashing!

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Curriculum clubs include: Robotics, 3-D printing, animation, Raspberry pi and each child will build a computer from scratch! All of this will be from our superb new iHUB classroom.  We will also be teaching ‘Digital Literacy’ where children will present their Literacy work on iPads using embedded video, EasyEverything, blogging, popplet and other APPs.  Our Computing curriculum can be found here.

Examples of the computing curriculum:




About our school Curriculum

CCSJ’s aim is to enable every child to reach their full potential across the curriculum by providing a rich and relevant curriculum that embraces a range of teaching styles and experiences and is based upon direct first hand experience.

At CCSJ children benefit from a continual focus on innovation and creating best practice by fostering a collaborative approach with all of the teaching staff within our school.  We have adopted the use of technology (Iris connect) to improve the quality of our teaching and learning and develop our curriculum.

The curriculum follows the requirements of the National Curriculum and is organised in a way that engages and interests pupils as they develop and apply their skills and knowledge in a hands on way. The content and delivery of the curriculum will be matched to children’s needs and to their levels of maturity. Children will be helped to understand the world they live in and taught the skills they will need in their next stage of schooling and beyond (see our curriculum reports at the bottom of this page).

IMG_0186We are in the process of developing our own school curriculum that builds on the requirements of the National Curriculum, aims to inspire and challenge and importantly, for all of the children at CCSJ develops their understanding of the local context, encourages their learning and understanding of local issues, uses the rich heritage of Oxford and develops the children understanding of how to be effective contributors to society. We are developing the school curriculum so that the benefits for the children are:

  • there is more space in the curriculum for work in depth, and to ensure that young people develop the literacy, numeracy and other essential skills and knowledge they will need for life and work
  • children are encouraged to achieve the broad outcomes that we look for from school education, both through subject teaching and more cross-subject activity
  • there is more space for sport, music, dance, drama, art, learning about health, sustainable development and enterprise, and other activities that broaden the life experiences – and life chances – of the children of Cowley.

The curriculum map for 2016-17 has been largely designed by the children at the end of the July 2016; a large group of children from each year were asked what the one thing they would love to learn about in school would be.

There were lots of fantastic thoughts: sharks, dinosaurs, Harry Potter, Oxford and Horrible Histories to name a few.  We have therefore devised and planned the new CCSJ curriculum around some of these ideas.

IMG_0072In order for the children to become fully immersed in their topics we have planned in curriculum visits such as visits to Warwick Castle (Horrible Histories), The Sealife Centre (Sharks) and Wytham Farm (Autumn 2016).

One example of how we manage this follows: The children in KS1 learned about ‘Farm to Fork’, the process of how the food they eat reaches their plate. As part of this the children have visited Tesco who are helping us to run our Farm to Fork project and Wytham Farm, one of two organic research farms in the world.

KS2 have learned about Horrible Histories (Castles) and have visited Warwick Castle to immerse themselves in the subject before returning to school and designing and making castles in Y4 and designing and making catapults in Y5.

Visits to the National Gallery, London; Natural History Museum; Balliol College; Oxford University (Harry Potter) are planned for later in the year.

In order to ensure the National Curriculum is being covered we have added in curriculum weeks and will be teaching History, Geography and Science in dedicated teaching weeks. These will be led by curriculum leaders and will allow for the published National Curriculum topics such as Vikings and the Water Cycle to be covered.

We also want to get you, the parents, more involved in their child’s learning experience. ‘Sharing assemblies’ have been planned as well as parent galleries where the children will have the opportunity to showcase their work each term. Furthermore, it would be great to get parents involved in the design for the curriculum map for 2018-19.  We’ve had some idea’s from parents during open meetings and on our FaceBook page that we have used to begin to plan exciting learning opportunities for next year.

As a Church of England School, Religious Education is taught separately and will follow the guidelines of the Local Agreed Syllabus developed by the Oxfordshire Diocese. Parents and carers have the right to remove their child from religious education or from the daily act of collective worship. They should first discuss this with the Headteacher so that they can understand clearly how these areas are tackled in school. If they then wish to withdraw a child, this should be confirmed in writing.

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